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A Bit Of History

Here’s my story!

I get asked a lot by my customers “how old are you”? You look so young to own your own company.

I opened my company in 2005 with the help of my dad and my brother. I was 20 years of age. My dad was a successful business man & pushed me to set up my own business.

It was drilled into myself growing up that you had to work hard and earn your own money. One memory which stands is when I asked my dad for a fiver to go to the cinema with my friends. While my friends were handed the money from their parents – I was handed a fiver and an empty petrol can and my dad said “son, go fill that petrol can and go out and earn your own money cutting the neighbour’s grass!” I was 12 years old. Soon after, I was cutting all my neighbours grass, washing their windows and various other odd jobs just to earn my own few bob. I’ve always been a hard worker.

Growing up I always wanted to do better than those around me – from building football goalposts to bike ramps. If the older kids in my area did something, I wanted to do better.. if they built a den – I built a two storey den!

I always wanted to be the best at what I did and today I still want to be the best! I believe myself and the team at Newlook Tiles & Bathrooms build the best bathrooms in Dublin and the various projects we have completed over the years have proved that.

Not only have our premium standards spoken for themselves, but our experience and service also!

We have the best reputation in Dublin and are well known for our reliability and professionalism.

After many years graft and hard work, my company is after expanding into a successful thriving company I’ve always wanted and each year we’re becoming more and more successful!

Thank you for reading my story, what’s your story?!

Meet Our Team

Newlook Tiles & Bathrooms is owned and managed by Clive Buckley, and has many years experience in developing high quality bathroom spaces for affordable prices. We also fully build down-starirs toilets and en-suites when required. Meet our management team below.

Clive Buckley
Clive Buckley
Clive has a much appreciated and hard-earned reputation for maintaining his and the teams high standards, regardless of the degree of difficulty involved in the works.
Victor Marga
Victor Marga
He’s like New York, he never sleeps and he never stops working. The pursuit of the perfect bathroom never ends, he is also one of Dublin’s best tilers.
Eoghan Ivers
Eoghan Ivers
The newest member of the team. He is a great worker and a fast learner. He keeps the team in high spirits with his sense of humour and cheeky laugh.
Brian Fox
Brian Fox
Loves to chat and loves a cup of tea while working to ensure the job is completed to the highest possible standard. He is one of the best tilers around.

“We don’t recruit just anyone-we recruit the best”!!